Dollhouse Voltage Regulator with Terminals

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This voltage regulator is a remarkable and innovative device that will greatly extend the life expectancy of any 12-volt bulb. The most significant restriction to long bulb life is the presence of excessive operating voltages. A relatively small increase in voltage may reduce a bulb’s life by a factor of ten or more. Most commercial transformers start with a higher voltage at no load and typically provide the stated output voltage when supplying the rated output wattage.

As would be experienced with any similar transformer, the Cir-Kit Concepts’ transformers present voltages between 13 and 14 volts when lightly loaded. Only when loaded with ten or more bulbs can an acceptable output voltage be realized. To obtain this voltage when using one to nine bulbs, a device such as this voltage regulator is recommended. This unique device automatically changes value as bulbs are added or subtracted from the system, maintaining a proper voltage across the connected bulbs. The automatic regulation feature allows this one simple device to take the place of several discrete resistors that would otherwise be required to obtain similar results. Equipped with terminal connectors, the lead-wire need not be cut as before. Detailed instructions included. The maximum current rating is 540 ma.