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"You have the most unique selection-I always find something special to add to my collection whenever I shop, and I've been collecting for decades."

Patti T., Keizer, Oregon

"I looked at a few miniatures and by far yours are the best!"

Lucinda H., Indianapolis, Indiana

"Little Shop of Miniatures offers truly unique products...I could (and have) browsed for hours."

Beth B., Costa Mesa, California

"I love the look and feel of the Little Shop of Miniatures website and of course the products! I just wish my husband and I didn't share a credit card--I've been known to spend more than I intended!"

Judy Z., Palmetto, Florida

"I just received my shipment and am very happy with the quality of the materials, from the tile floor to the windows to the bathroom pieces."

Susan F., Exeter, Rhode Island

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How to Apply Wood Dollhouse Paneling

How to Apply Wood Dollhouse Paneling

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11 Miniature Makers to Inspire You

11 Miniature Makers to Inspire You

These miniature artists are dedicated, talented, and sure to inspire any lover of all things small.
How to Clean Your Dollhouse

How to Clean Your Dollhouse

In addition to tidying up your real house, it's worth it to give your dollhouse a good spring cleaning, too.

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