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Starter Dollhouse Wiring Kit

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This dollhouse lighting kit contains everything needed to completely wire a 6-room dollhouse. The “wiring” consists of an easy to apply 2-conductor tapewire with copper foils embedded between layers of transparent tape. The illustrated instructions in each kit describe all the tasks necessary for completing an electrical installation. A circuit-breaker protected 10-watt transformer is included to provide power for up to 16 12-volt or 23 16-volt GOW bulbs. And it's made in the USA!

The contents include: 

  • 15' Roll Conductive Tapewire
  • Junction Splice
  • Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch)
  • 12V, 10W Plug-In Transformer (w/built-in circuit breaker)
  • Pilot Hole Punch (w/needles) Instruction Book
  • 1/8" Brass Brads (approx. 60)
  • Small Hollow Eyelets (approx. 60) 1
  • No. 55 Bit
  • Test Probe
  • Detailed installation instruction

Please note that if using this kit with Houseworks lights that come with plugs, you will have to change the plugs, as Houseworks plugs are not compatible with Cir-Kit outlets. You either need to replace the Cir-Kit outlets with Houseworks outlets, or replace the Houseworks plugs with a Cir-Kit Plug. All non-battery operated Houseworks lights are noted in our product descriptions.