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Battery-Operated Single Bulb Dollhouse Base

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You can use this single bulb base to make your own light fixtures or to cast a lovely light on your landscaping, rooms, and more. It comes with a preinstalled 3V replaceable lithium battery and a nonreplaceable low-heat LED (light-emitting diode). You can expect the lithium battery to last approximately 50 hours, at which time you can replace it with the Lithium Battery Set. The LED is not replaceable, which isn't a problem because it will last approximately 4,000 hours. An on board magnet and magnetized base makes installation a cinch.

It is 1/12 scale, which is the most common scale for dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. It means that if an object is 12 inches in real life, it is sized down to a one inch as a miniature.