A basic dollhouse wiring kit.

Basic Dollhouse Wiring Kit

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This dollhouse lighting kit contains all the parts necessary to tapewire a 5 to 6-room dollhouse. You decide which transformer is most suitable for your wiring needs. The contents include: 

  • 15' Roll Conductive Tapewire
  • Junction Splice
  •  Transformer Lead-In Wire (w/switch)
  • Pilot Hole punch (w/needles)
  • Brass Brads (approx. 60)
  • Test Probe
  • Detailed instructions and a wiring diagram

Please note a transformer is required for this kit, but is not included. You should decide which transformer is most suitable for your wiring needs. 

If using this kit with Houseworks lights that come with plugs, you will have to change the plugs, as Houseworks plugs are not compatible with Cir-Kit outlets. You either need to replace the Cir-Kit outlets with Houseworks outlets, or replace the Houseworks plugs with a Cir-Kit Plug. All non-battery operated Houseworks lights are noted in our product descriptions.

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