2-Conductor, 50&

2-Conductor, 50' Dollhouse Tape Wire

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Double conductor tape wire is the “heart” of all Cir-Kit wiring systems.

From its introduction in 1976 to the present, it has been the predominant method of dollhouse wiring. Its use creates a printed circuit type layout and completely eliminates the congested wiring found in conventional systems. A super strong adhesive, exposed by the removal of a peel away paper carrier, ensures a secure grip on any surface. Color coding of the copper foils greatly simplifies the making of corners during the wiring process. Brass brads are installed only at the blue-to-blue and copper-to-copper overlap points, eliminating any possibility of short circuits.

Another problem that occurs with other, lesser quality brands of tapewire is “bubbling”. As time passes, the transparent overlay begins to buckle, causing ripples that eventually show through the wallpaper or paint coverings. Using a special manufacturing process, Cir-Kit Concepts has completely eliminated this problem. A tape run made today will appear as straight and true in a year as the day it was laid. The Cir-Kit Concepts’ name is also embossed on the natural copper foil to identify it as the one and only Cir-Kit Concepts’ tape wire product. The main body of the tape is 5/8" wide with a total thickness of approximately .005". The copper foils will carry up to 5 amperes of continuous current.