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Battery-Operated Dollhouse Miniature Chandelier

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This lovely brass chandelier with frosted tulip shades illuminates thanks to a 3V lithium battery and three LEDs (light-emitting diodes). All are included with the chandelier. You can expect the lithium battery to last approximately 50 hours, at which time you can replace it with the Lithium Battery Set. The LEDs are not replaceable, which isn't a problem because they last approximately 4,000 hours.

This chandelier is 1/12 scale, which is the most common scale for dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. It means that if an object is 12 inches in real life, it is sized down to a one inch as a miniature.

Installing the chandelier is easy--simply glue the metal back plate to your desired location, then attach the magnetized base of the light to the back plate. The innovative magnets are strong enough to hold the chandelier, while also giving you the option to easily change the lithium battery and operate the chandelier's on/off switch. It's form meets function at it's best!