12V Dollhouse Miniature Fluorette Bulb

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Ideal for back lighting or illuminating miniatures, these fluorescent shaped bulbs provide a unique and effective indirect lighting source.

The frosted bulb gives a uniform and diffused light over a large area while the clear bulbs display a brighter and more localized illumination. Fuse-type snap-in/snap-out construction allows easy bulb installation and replacement. Each bulb measures approximately 1 /4” in diameter by 1.5” in length. Power consumption for the clear and frosted bulbs is 70 to 80 ma when connected across a 12-volt source. The extra bright Showcase Bulb draws approximately 220 ma of current. Each bulb lasts 3,000 hours when used with a 12-volt transformer. They mate with Fluorette Socket with Nails and Fluorette Socket with Solder Eyes and have a 2,500 hour bulb life.