A Chrysnbon dollhouse Victorian chair set.

Chrysnbon Dollhouse Miniature Victorian Table Chair Set Kit

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This polystyrene kit includes a Victorian table, Victorian chair, two picture frames, 6-view stereoscope, and stain for fine finishing. Assembly is fast and easy when you use a plastic model glue and follow the detailed enclosed directions. It is 1/12 scale, which is the most common scale for dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. It means that if an object is 12 inches in real life, it is sized down to a one inch as a miniature.

About Chrysnbon Miniatures

Company founder and miniatures lover Judy Berman knew the beautiful 1/12 scale replicas she created were special--but she also realized they were out of many people's price ranges.

So she got to work finding ways to bring costs down without sacrificing the beauty and uniqueness of her products. She eventually landed on two: 1). By making each piece an easy to assemble kit and 2). By making each item out of flexible, durable polystyrene.

Beauty, durability, and affordability--is it any wonder that her one-of-kind miniatures have delighted people for so many decades?