What is Dollhouse Kit Bashing?

dollhouse kit bashing

If you have any interest at all in dollhouse kits or dollhouse miniatures, there's a good chance you've come across the term "dollhouse kit bashing." Are you clear on what it means?

Defining Dollhouse Kit Bashing

While there are many definitions of what dollhouse kit bashing is, the most basic one is making any modification to a dollhouse kit. This could be something as simple as upgrading a dollhouse door or as dramatic as completely changing the exterior of the dollhouse kit. Some people even create custom kit by combining two dollhouse kits! 

Popular Dollhouse Kit Bashing Projects

There are seemingly endless dollhouse kit bashing projects. That said, some of the most popular are: 

  • Adding door and window modifications. Some dollhouse kit manufacturers give you the option to upgrade your doors and windows. You can also choose doors and window upgrades made by different manufacturers--or make your own! (Learn more about dollhouse doors in our past post.) 
  • Creating door and window openings. If you want a door or window where there isn't one, you can cut out your own openings before placing your desired door or window in its place. 
  • Covering up door and window openings. On the other hand, maybe you wish there weren't openings were there are some. If so, just cover them with siding and/or wallpaper. 
  • Upgrading a porch. A porch makes a statement, which is why it's one of the most popular dollhouse kit bashing projects. A porch project can be as simple as changing the railings or as complex as extending a porch to wrap around the dollhouse. 
  • Adding or taking out interior walls. You see this kind of project all the time on HGTV for good reason. From adding privacy to creating a modern, open-concept look, walls (or a lack of walls) make a big difference. You'll want to consider whether the wall is load bearing if you remove it--if if is, you'll want to replace the wall with columns or pillars. Another option is to cut out a big arch in the wall instead of removing the entire wall.
  • Adding stairs. There are many assembled and nonassembled dollhouse staircases on the market. Before you choose one, make sure to carefully measure everything and dry fit the stars before gluing them into place. 

Advanced Dollhouse Kit Bashing Projects

Any dollhouse kit bashing project requires skill, creativity, and a good amount of patience. But some require more of these things than others. 

That's certainly the case when it comes to dramatic modifications to a dollhouse kit. The most common example of these kinds of projects are combining two different dollhouse kits into one. This involves dry fitting two (at least semi assembled) kits to see where they naturally fit together, then moving pieces around until the right look is found. 

Once a design is decided upon, it's time to get out the glue and probably a good amount of dollhouse stripwood. It's not an easy project, but a big dollhouse kit bashing project can be among the most rewarding you undertake.

Dollhouse Kit Bashing Tips

  • Be realistic about your skill level and schedule. Anything beyond a simple door or window upgrade is not recommended for a novice. If you have the skills to do more advanced projects, consider how much time you have. Just assembling a regular dollhouse kit can take many weeks, and a kit bashing project can add a substantial amount of time on top of that! 
  • Consider your materials. MDF in the standard 3/8" is much harder to manipulate than thinner plywood. Consider what is feasible with your kbefore you dive in. 
  • Gather your tools. You won't get very far with your kit bashing project if you don't have the right tools. Before you start, write out a list of all the dollhouse building supplies you'll need. Then gather up the ones you have and borrow or buy the ones you don't have.
  • Get creative with unused parts. Don't throw out extra dollhouse kit pieces! They can often be repurposed and put to good use during your kit bashing project. 

Dollhouse Kit Bashing Examples

Here are a few of our favorite dollhouse kit bashing projects in action:

Have you ever attempted a dollhouse kit bashing project? If so, let us know about it in the comments below!



  • Vivien Maverley

    I am fairly new to miniatures, but I feel I have a good eye and have been very proud of my dolls house bashing I have added rooms and doors and put in stair ways it seems to come very natural to me and I love to take on a challenge

  • Cheryl

    I have always loved miniatures this article has so much great information to feed my love of tiny things. Thanks!

  • Ruth

    Thanks for the shout out! I retired my Blogspot blog but I’m recently active again here: https://glorioustwelfth.wordpress.com/

  • Yuvette Erwin

    Thanks I am trying to build a Barbie house thanks for the tips I would love to hear more

  • Rosie

    I have made many minor “bashes” to my first kit (still a WIP). I didn’t like the decorative panels the kit said to put on the front door (they looked to barn-ish for the style I want) so I used scraps for a more elegant paneling design. I used wooden “fishscale” shaped shingles fro Greenleaf, painted a dark charcoal brown, instead of the dull reddish cardstock shingles the kit came with. I plan to add decorative pinnacles to the roof as well. I made a half-inch tall foundation around the lower edge of the dollhouse by painting the wood a dark gray then gluing on “bricks” cut from a gray pressed-paper egg carton (which makes very convincing stone, by the way!). I have also added risers to the staircases (again, cut from scrap) for a more solid look and plan to include interior doors.
    Then there’s the unplanned bash: Somehow I came up with one fewer window frame than I had windows! Either the kit was missing one or I lost the piece…I traced one of the frames I did have onto a large section of scrap, painted it, and glued in the “extra” pane I had discovered before I noticed the missing frame. Yikes..

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