Tips for Choosing, Installing, and Decorating a Dollhouse Door

dollhouse door 

Just like the doors on your real home, a dollhouse door can make a definite statement. After all, a door is the entry way to your home, so why not add some curb appeal with just the right one? Here are some things to think about as your shop for an extra special dollhouse door.

Tips for Choosing a Dollhouse Door

  • Measure first.¬†Always measure the openings in your dollhouse before you go shopping for a dollhouse door. There's nothing worse than falling in love with a door then finding out it doesn't fit!
  • Decide between a single or a double door.¬†Exterior doors can come as either a single door or a double door. They're both great options, though double doors tend to make more of a statement.
  • Know your budget. Because of the incredible amount of detail that goes into them, dollhouse doors can get pricey. If you have long list of items you need to buy to decorate your dollhouse, you might consider setting a budget for how much you're willing to spend on your dollhouse doors.
  • Consider the style of your dollhouse.¬†ÔĽŅA simple farmhouse will have a very different door than a Victorian stunner. It's easy to fall in love with a door that just doesn't look right on your dollhouse, so take some time to think about which kind of door would work best for your dollhouse before you begin your search.
  • Think about the features you like most. There's an incredible amount of features you can have on your dollhouse door. Just a few include pediments, sidelights, transoms, windows, mullions, and carvings. Think about if any of these features are "must haves" before you begin your search for the perfect dollhouse door.

How to Install a Dollhouse Door

Most dollhouse doors are easy to install thanks to working hinges being installed directly into their frames. This means that all you need to do is glue the door frame into the correct size opening. Doesn't get much easier than that!

If you are installing your own hinges, it's a hole (pun intended!) other story. There are many ways to install traditional pin hinges--here's just one way.

  1. Use push pins, a pilot hole punch, or small drill to create starter holes for the hinges. Remember to make holes in both the door and the door frame. Also make sure they line up! You can also use glue to put the hinges in place before creating the holes--it's a matter of personal preference.
  2. Use pliers or tweezers to insert the pins into the holes. Try to keep your hand as steady as possible!
  3. Push the pins in. You can do this with your fingers, the back of a flat screwdriver, or a tiny hammer.
  4. Cover any gaps. Dollhouse stripwood is a good option to hide any gaps.

Ways to Make Your Dollhouse Door Extra Special

  • Paint it.¬†A bold color (or two or three!) adds instant panache to any dollhouse door. Semi-matte paint works well, though some people prefer the sheen of a gloss paint. Get extra tips on how to paint a dollhouse in our earlier blog post.
  • Add¬†decorative door knobs.¬†Most dollhouse doors don't come with door knobs, which gives you the perfect opportunity to choose just the one you like. Choose from all kinds of shapes and finishes that range from brass to pewter to nickel and more. Many door knobs can be applied with glue. If your dollhouse door knob comes with a key and you want it inserted into the door,¬†carve¬†a vertical hole in the wood under the keyhole that's deep enough to hold the key in place. (For an easier option, cut the tip off the key and simply glue it into the keyhole.)
  • Add a door knocker.¬†These are so fun--and all you need to attach them is some glue. (Our personal favorite is this lion's head dollhouse door knocker!)
  • Add window panes.¬†Many dollhouse doors with window cutouts come with acrylic panes. If they don't, it's worth it to get some and insert them in the openings to make the door look more realistic. Just insert them after painting the door!
  • Add a mail slot.¬†Just glue the mail slot directly on the door and you're done.
  • Add a kick plate.¬†A simple dollhouse kick plate is an unexpected detail you can glue right on to your dollhouse door.
  • Add a pediment.¬†You'll instantly up the architectural appeal of your dollhouse door when you add a pediment above it.
  • Add address numbers.¬†The mailman will never miss your dollhouse when you stick¬†numbers to the door's exterior. You can easily punch out just the numbers you want with this dollhouse house number set.
  • Add coach lamps.¬†ÔĽŅMatching coach lamps are the perfect frame for your dollhouse door. (We're partial to this battery-operated dollhouse coach lamp that requires no wiring at all!)

Little Shop of Miniatures has a wide range of high-quality dollhouse doors and dollhouse door accessories. Check them out if you're in the market for a good dollhouse door--and feel free to comment below if you have any dollhouse door tips and ideas!

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