16 Dollhouse & Miniatures Blogs You're Sure to Love

dollhouse miniatures blogs


From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook, there's a treasure trove of online information and inspiration for miniature lovers. 

Yet amid all the exciting (and addicting!) social media platforms, we sometimes forget about the good, old-fashioned blog. And whether you're looking for DIY miniature tutorials or just want to get lost in a world of well-photographed tiny things, there's a blog for you. Here are 16 that are definitely worth checking out!

Small Talk
This blog is maintained by The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures, one of the wonderful miniatures museums that we recently profiled in a recent post about not-to-miss American miniatures museums. You'll have the chance to read about everything from upcoming exhibits at the museum to profiles of renowned miniature artists. History buffs will especially appreciate learning about the history and evolution of miniatures and other exciting toys.

WEEkly Mini RoundUp by D. Thomas Fine Miniatures
D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is a retail and online purveyor of artisan and collectible miniatures. And they don't stop there: SquintBox, a popular monthly subscription box for miniature lovers, is also the brainchild of D. Thomas owner Darren Scala. The guy clearly loves all things small, so it's not surprising that he highlights what's going on in the miniature world in his WEEkly Mini RoundUp blog. Check it out to get the 411 on new miniatures exhibitions, read about movers and shakers in the miniature world, see some of the store's latest and greatest, and much more.

Pei Li's Miniatures
Pei Li is an incredibly talented miniature artist. Her creations are some of the prettiest around--her macaron towers are not be missed. Over time, you'll feel as if you get to know not just her craft but the person behind the blog. Pei regularly shares what's going on in her life and what making miniatures means during the peaks and valleys of life.

Jenn's Mini Worlds: A Dollhouse Miniaturist's Blog
Massive remodels, "grunge" room boxes,  half-scale cottages--mini lover Jennifer Ashley tackles all this and more then shares the results on her blog. You'll get an in-depth look into the blood, sweat, and tears that go into assembling and decorating a wide range of dollhouses thanks to the many photos Jenn uploads. And her talents don't stop at miniatures--Jenn is an accomplished novelist who writes under several pen names. 

The Den of Slack
Blogger Emily is a freelance writer, miniaturist, and adventure game enthusiast. In her posts, she shares all the details of her mostly half scale miniature projects--everything from assembling kits to cross stitching her own miniature rugs and more. You'll love all her well-captured photos. Definitely check out her gallery of completed dollhouses and room kits--and don't miss the tour of the workshop she maintains in her garage!

Blueprint Minis
The native Australian behind this blog is a relative newcomer to the world of miniatures, but she's diving in with everything she's got. Recent posts detail how she reworked the grout in a miniature basement, created her own miniature trees, and made her own flocked cat. Anyone will enjoy her blog--but newbies will find it especially inspirational. 

Kitty and Kat Miniatures
Modern furniture aficionados will especially love this blog that highlights its owner's many contemporary creations. Blogger Kat got hooked on miniatures in 2015 when she starting working on a dollhouse for her daughter. Since then, she's created dozens of truly fantastic minis. She graciously posts tutorials so you can try your hand at them, too. 

My Miniature Madness
Tutorials, giveaways, tips and tricks, and inspiration galore are all there on Jodi Hippler's blog. She's a mini making machine--and has all the photos to prove it. Written in a warm and engaging voice, you'll feel like Jodi is right there talking to you the entire time.

1 Inch Minis by Kris
This is a must stop for anyone looking to make their own minis. Blogger Kris is a prolific miniature maker, and she isn't holding back anything in her blog. Want to learn how to make a vintage sink? She's got you covered. Always wanted to craft your own books? She's got that, too. The only downside to this blog is figuring out where to start!

Cinderella Moments
Miniature lover Caroline creates miniature cottages--lots and lots of miniature cottages. And they are all stunningly beautiful. In her blog, she details how she makes these lovelies. You may get the itch to try your own hand at a few--if so, you're in luck, because Caroline posts lots of tutorials.

A Lavender Dilly 
Carrie Lavender is an Aussie who combines her love of history and miniatures in her blog. Scroll through and you'll encounter scenes from bygones eras in small scale. Carrie takes dollhouse kits and turns them into something special thanks to her expert eye for decorating. It's impossible to visit her blog and leave without some new ideas to try in your dollhouse.

Liberty Biberty
For page after page of some of the dreamiest miniatures photos around, you'll definitely want to check out Liberty Biberty. Blogger Merecedes Spencer has been sharing her dollhouse renovations for a nearly a decade. Her style is soft, feminine, and even a little shabby chic. Be prepared to get sucked in--there are years and years of posts to enjoy.

Shenandoah & Stuff
For the past five years, Shenandoah & Stuff has been turning out great content and photos about a multitude of dollhouse projects. There's little the author won't touch, and she's incredibly resourceful when it comes to finding materials for her projects. Another thing we love is how bright and cheery all her creations are.

Miniatyrmama is out of Sweden, and her home country informs the beautiful scenes she creates. On her blog you'll encounter quintessential Scandinavian design: clean, modern, and calming. This is truly some of the best miniature eye candy on the web.

Paper Doll Miniatures
Paper Doll Miniatures very accurately calls itself "a modern miniature & dollhouse design blog." You won't find any gingerbread trim here--but you will find plenty of sleek, minimalist homes and scenes. You'll also find step-by-step details on how Canadian Kristine brings these projects to life.

Studio E Miniatures
If her blog feed is any indication, Elizabeth is one busy lady. The miniature lover ages walls, upholsters her own chairs, makes her own ceiling lamps, and so much more. Her adventures in the DIY miniatures world are all on glorious display on her blog.

That's it--let us know if there are any we didn't include that you love!


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  • Linda kinkead

    I have been in love with tiny things since I saw Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago when I was 9. I am 64 now and dollhouse of any kind still fascinate me. I have gotten into the complex, but small 1:24 projects recently and I enjoy them so much that I can start working early in the morning and then suddenly realize that it is dark outside and I haven’t eaten all day.

  • Megan

    Glad to see that we read many of the same blogs! I did find a new one to follow as well. You are so right, one can just get lost in some of these beautiful pages.

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