9 Awesome Instagram Accounts for Miniatures Lovers


Instragram is the place to go for inspiration and escape. And if you love #miniatures, we think it’s the best place to indulge your passion for all things small. If you’re not already a follower, here are nine miniatures Instagram accounts we think you’ll love.

  1. The Daily Miniatiure @dailymini

Chances are you’ve at least heard of this daily roundup of covet-worthy miniatures from around the world. Each day, Brooklyn-based Kate Ünver shares a totally unique mini with her audience of more than 126,000 followers. This is the gal to follow if you need a frequent mini fix!

  1. Paris Miniatures @parisminiatures

If miniature food is your thing, you’ll love Paris Miniatures. The French-based artist creates beautiful, highly detailed pastries out of polymer clay. Trust us when we say they look good enough to eat!

  1. The Square to Spare @thesquaretospare

Looking to make your own miniatures but have no idea where to start? Then head on over to The Square to Spare’s Instagram and You Tube pages. You’ll be inspired by her finished projects—and have access to lots of tutorials to do your own project.

  1. The Clay Kitchen @theclaykitchen

The Clay Kitchen is brought to you by a 13-year-old girl living in New York City. She specializes in creating miniature food at a skill level way beyond her years—and she does it all out of her grandma’s kitchen. (Awww!)

  1. Lavender Belle @lavenderbelle_miniatures

The Aussie behind this account creates the dreamiest store fronts, rooms, and houses around. You’ll feel like you’re stepping into a lovely little European village thanks to her skilled staging. Incredibly, she only started working with miniatures in 2017.

  1. Seed.Miniatures @coffee.seed.miniatures

Italian-based Cecilia is a molto bene artist who crafts everything from furniture to flowers to food. You’ll get a real taste of international foods from Italy and beyond—a recent post featured Medovik, a traditional Russian cake.

  1. Mini Materials @minimaterials

Mini Materials is owned by a business of the same name that specializes in creating Made in the USA miniature cinder blocks. Their Insta account is full of small-scale building projects from their own inventory as well as inspiring curated posts. If you love to build, you’ll love this one.

  1. Pink Cute Sugar Miniatures @pinkcutesugar_miniatures

For a final dose of sweetnesss, check out Pink Cute Sugar Miniatures. Valentina Gaia Manzo is an Italian artisan who fills her page with scenes out of the most incredible tea party you’d ever hope to attend. Also keep your eye out for gorgeous photos of her home country!

  1. Nunu's House @nunushouse

Japanese miniature artist Tomo Tanaka turns out everything from tiny engagement rings to sushi to ladies' shoes. His range is only rivaled by his talent--you won't believe the detail on many of his creations.

Those are our favorites—what are yours? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

Photo credit, clockwise from top: The Square to Spare @thesquaretospare; The Daily Miniature @dailymini; Mini Materials @minimaterials

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  • Amanda

    Awesome list! Just a correction though- Nunu’s House is by a guy named Tomo Tanaka.

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