7 Reasons to Try a Dollhouse Room Box

dollhouse room box

Are you a dollhouse miniatures lover who doesn't have the time to tackle a major wooden dollhouse kit project? If so, we get it--and want to suggest a room box as an alternative. 

There are lots of reasons why a dollhouse room box makes more sense than a traditional wooden dollhouse kit. Here are some of the top ones we and our customers have found to be the case.

7 Reasons to Try a Dollhouse Room Box

  1. More budget friendly. Thanks to their smaller size and fewer components, dollhouse room boxes cost approximately one half to two thirds as much as traditional wooden dollhouse kits. (At Little Shop of Miniatures, our least expensive dollhouse room box is just $28.99) You'll also save on buying lots of extra materials like dollhouse windows and doors and dollhouse wallpaper and curtains.This is a good news for anyone on a budget who still wants to keep their dollhouse miniatures hobby.
  2. Less time. Even if you're a pro, an elaborate wooden dollhouse kit like the Queen Anne Wooden Dollhouse Kit can take months to assemble and decorate. If you have neither the time nor the patience for that level of commitment, a dollhouse room box is a better fit. A simple room box can be the perfect weekend project to unleash your creativity.
  3. Beginner friendly. Never put together a dollhouse? Or pull your hair out every time you have to assemble a piece of furniture in real life? If so, a room box will probably be more your style than a dollhouse kit. It lets enjoy a miniatures hobby an easier way--or let you get your feet wet before moving on to bigger projects. 
  4. Kid friendly. A dollhouse room box is the perfect miniatures project to do with pint-sized people. Kids won't get overwhelmed with complicated assembly requirements--and the project will be done before boredom sets in.
  5. More creativity. With a wooden dollhouse kit, you almost always get a house. That's not the case with dollhouse room boxes, which are blank slates that let you create anything you want. So you can turn your dollhouse room box into a workout space, a classroom, a machine shop, and just about anything else you can imagine. 
  6. Unique items. If a whole house isn't your style but you still want some structure, try a shop room box, a one-room dollhouse, or a miniature conservatory.
  7. More confidence. Let's face it: Sometimes you just need a quick victory for a boost of confidence. A dollhouse room box can give you that momentum, which may be just what's needed before tackling a more involved wooden dollhouse kit.

Why do you love dollhouse room boxes? Let us know in the comments below--and feel free to share photos of your completed projects, too! 

Little Shop of Miniatures is proud to carry a wide variety of affordable and high-quality room boxes. Feel free to check them out in our Room Boxes & Shadow Boxes section!

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