How to Wallpaper a Dollhouse

Wallpapering your dollhouse is a great way to add some polish and maybe even a splash of color to walls.

If you've never wallpapered a dollhouse before, you're probably excited--and perhaps a little confused about the best way to do it. In this post, we'll share the steps you'll want to take along with some pro tips, too.

Tools Needed to Wallpaper a Dollhouse

  • The correct amount of wallpaper, plus a little extra just in case
  • Wallpaper paste like Wallpaper Gel
  • Straight edge metal ruler
  • X Acto knife or razor blade
  • Plastic spatula
  • Damp cloth

How to Wallpaper a Dollhouse

  1. Decide where to place the wallpaper seams. The best places for wallpaper sheets to meet is anywhere that is not a focal point in a room. Focal points tend to be places like fireplaces, picture windows, staircases, and the wall people first see when looking into a dollhouse. So a good place for dollhouse wallpaper to join is a corner far from any focal point. 
  2. Match it up. If your dollhouse wallpaper has a pattern, check to make sure it matches up on each sheet. 
  3. Measure it. Measure the height of your room and add 3/4" to the total horizontal measurement. If you plan on installing crown molding and/or baseboards, subtract 1/2" from the total vertical measurement. Then make sure to leave a gap in between the wallpaper and the ceiling and/or floor.
  4. Cut it. Use your metal ruler and an X Acto knife or razor blade to cut your dollhouse wallpaper to size. 
  5. Apply the paste. Use your plastic spatula to apply a thin layer of wallpaper paste on the back of the paper.
  6. Apply the wallpaper. Apply the wallpaper to the right wall first. The extra 3/4" should be smoothed onto the adjacent back wall.
  7. Smooth it. Use a credit card to smooth down the wallpaper until no bubbles show. Pay special attention to the corner crease and the top and bottom wallpaper edges. If any paste oozes out, use your damp cloth to gently wipe it away.
  8. Continue the process. Follow the same steps to apply the back wall's wallpaper, working right to left. Fold the extra 3/4" onto the left wall.
  9. Finish it. Follow the same steps one more time to apply the left wall's wallpaper. You will still need to leave an extra 3/4" of wallpaper--simply cut off any excess with an X Acto or razor blade once the glue is dry.
  10. Cut out the window and door openings. Once the paste is completely dry, use an X Acto knife or razor blade to cut away the wallpaper covering the windows and doors.

Extra Dollhouse Wallpaper Tips

  • Most people find that it's easiest to apply dollhouse wallpaper after their dollhouse is assembled. The one exception is awkward or small spaces--in these cases, it's often easiest to apply the wallpaper before your dollhouse is assembled.
  • Carefully measure your dollhouse's walls before shopping for dollhouse wallpaper. Dollhouse wallpaper comes in many sizes!
  • Make sure your walls are smooth. Spackle and sand them if there are any holes.
  • Pros recommend priming your walls before applying dollhouse wallpaper, but it's not absolutely necessary.
  • It's worth buying an extra sheet or two of dollhouse wallpaper in case you miscalculate or make a mistake.
  • Apply any ceiling wallpaper before regular wallpaper. 
  • Make sure any wiring is complete before you apply your dollhouse paper.
  • Install flooring, doors, windows, and trim after you apply your wallpaper.
  • It's worth investing in dollhouse wallpaper paste like Wallpaper Gel. Regular household paint won't give you the same, smooth result. (To learn more, check out our post about choosing a dollhouse glue.)
  • Pre-pasted dollhouse wallpaper sheets are popular. Even though you don't technically need to use wallpaper paste, the pros still recommend using it to ensure good adherence. 
  • As soon as you cut patterned dollhouse wallpaper, use a pencil draw arrows that indicate which way the wallpaper should be applied in the dollhouse. 
  • Install wallpaper in any rooms that have odd angles first.
  • Most wallpaper paste takes 5-10 minutes to cure, which gives you time to arrange your wallpaper just right.
  • Use a flashlight or other bright light to brighten things ups while you're working
  • If you decide to use a wallpaper border on top of your dollhouse wallpaper, skip the wallpaper paste and use a tacky glue instead. Regular wallpaper paste won't hold well on top of wallpaper.
  • If you plan on installing any trim or baseboards, it's recommended to leave a small gap between floor and/or ceiling and wallpaper. A bit of exposed wood will help the trim and baseboards adhere better.

We're proud to offer a fun variety of dollhouse wallpaper in our store. Check it out--and let us know if you have any tips for applying dollhouse wallpaper in the comments below!


  • Janet

    Thank you for great advice


    I purchased a dollhouse but it still has the old wallpaper still on it ,how do you remove old wallpaper, any ideas how to remove them?

  • Debbie Nowicki

    I use small print scrapbook paper and gorilla glue…regular or wood. It works out great every time with very little cost.

  • Margaret

    Great post, very useful! If I am re-papering a doll house, are there any extra steps I should take regarding the paper that is already there? Thanks.

  • Busybee

    Found your site after I had finished the last room, (decorating only ). But I did everything you had, except I decorated it AFTER assembly. Bit awkward, it looks OK. Would defo recommend the light though.

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