How to Apply Wood Shingles to Your Dollhouse

The roof of your dollhouse takes up a lot of real estate, which makes it worth it to take some time to think about how you want to approach it. 

One of the most popular and economical solutions is to apply wood dollhouse shingles. Many times, your wood dollhouse kit will come with prepackaged shingles. These standard shingles are usually come in a simple rectangular style. 

If your dollhouse kit doesn't come with shingles--or if you simply want something different--you can always shop around for your own dollhouse shingles. (Our store has some fun options like Cedar Dollhouse Miniature Heart Shingles, Cedar Classical Dollhouse Miniature Shingles, and more.)

Once you choose just the dollhouse shingles you want, it's time to get them on that beautiful dollhouse of yours.

How to Apply Wood Dollhouse Shingles

1. Get the right glue. You'll want a  thick solvent-based (not “water clean-up”) adhesive in an easy to use tube. Cut a small hole at the tip--and make sure to work in a well-ventilated room. Two popular options include Quick Grip or wood glue

2. Draw some row guidelines. Though it's not absolutely necessary, it's helpful to use a pencil to draw rows on your roof to help ensure all rows are nice and straight. (Sometimes this isn't needed if the dollhouse has shingle guidelines along the roof.) 

3. Work bottom to top. Instead of gluing each individual shingle to the roof, apply a line of glue just below the lowest guideline. (This helps prevent glue clumps from forming between the cracks and helps keep your rows straight.) Starting pressing the top edge of your first shingle into the line of glue. You can use a towel to wipe off any excess glue.

4. Press the remaining shingles for your first row down tight to the ones before. Take periodic breaks to make sure everything is going down nice and straight. 

6. Stagger the next row. You'll want the shingles in the next row to lay in between the shingles of the previous row. To make this possible, use a half shingle to start your even numbered rows.

5. Have an X Acto knife on hand. Many roof lines have windows, chimneys, dormers, and other features that make laying wood dollhouse shingles a little tricky. If a shingle is going to abut a feature, cut it to size before attaching it. 

6. Use painter's tape to hold shingles in place. This isn't a necessary step, but many people prefer to do it to keep the shingles adhered to the roof while they dry. 

7. Paint or stain your shingles. Once your dollhouse shingles are dry, you can feel free to paint or stain them any color you wish. A flat paint brush about half an inch wide and acrylic paint both work well. Make sure to paint in downward strokes and to use thin layers of paint to prevent any drips. 

We hope these tips help you out! Feel free to share any ones you may have in the comments below--and feel free to check out all our dollhouse shingles to find just the right ones for you!


  • Kathy

    So do you NOT suggest using hot glue?

  • Michele

    We are ready to throw this doll house out. Followed direction, first mistake. put the roof shingles on each section as told by instructions. It does not fit together. big gaps. any suggestions?

  • Karen Freiheit

    Do you have any suggestions on how to weatherize shingles? I have been using “weather-it” but it is apparently no longer available….

  • Diana

    This information is some of the best I have read. Thank you,

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