How to Apply Asphalt Dollhouse Shingles

There are so many dollhouse shingles out there, and one of the most popular kind is asphalt dollhouse shingles. 

If you're applying asphalt shingles for your dollhouse for the first time, you may be wondering which steps to follow. We recently spoke with the manufacturer of our asphalt dollhouse shingles to get the low down. Here's how to do it!

Tools You'll Need

How to Apply Asphalt Dollhouse Roofing

1.) Lay the first row of shingles upside down and flush along the bottom row of your roofing area.

2.) Cut off any excess.

3.) Lay the second row parallel to the first and translated up by about half an inch--it should line up to the top of the tab slot with the top of the previous row. The edge of the shingle strip should line up with the edge of the roof for this row only.

4.) Lay the third row staggered over to the left by about half a shingle, lined up the same way, with a small section of the strip overhanging the roof. Cut this section off, trimmed to the roof edge. 

5.) Lay the fourth row so that it is lined up with the second row's shingles as much as possible. Then the fifth row lined up with the third and so on. Optional: For a sturdier roof bond, use staples to secure the strip--just make sure to put them on sections which will be covered by the next row.

6.) When nearing the roof peak, cut a strip to meet flush with the edge if necessary. Make sure the opposite side of the roof is finished the same way before continuing.

7.) To cap the roof, cut off single squares, fold them evenly in half, and glue them overlapping the previous shingle by 1/4“ along the roof peak. Optional: For a neat, pressed look to your freshly glued shingles, lay a board on top and apply weight until the glue dries.

That's it--let us know if you have any tips for applying dollhouse shingles in the comments below! And make sure to check out our shop if you're looking to buy dollhouse shingles!

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