11 Mindblowing Facts About Astolat Dollhouse Castle

astolat castle facts

Astolat Castle is the world's most expensive dollhouse by a large margin. Yet over its 13-year construction period, its aim was to be the "most beautiful miniature structure ever made." 

Along with skilled artisans from all over the world, master miniaturist Elaine Diehl created the stunning structure between 1974 and 1987. And the work didn't end then: In the years since, thousands of priceless miniatures have been added to its interior. Ready to learn more incredible facts about Astolat Castle? Then read on!

11 Mindblowing Facts about the Astolat Dollhouse Castle

1. It's a lot of money. Let's talk about the fact everyone wants to know first: How much is Astolat Castle really worth? The answer is a cool $8.5 million. That would be a pretty penny for a real-life mansion, let alone a dollhouse!

2. It's huge. The dollhouse clocks in at more than 800 pounds and stands more than nine feet tall.

3. It was based on a real castle...kind of. The dollhouse was both modeled and named after the castle in English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem "Lady of the Shallot." The lady was actually Elaine of Astolat, a fictional figure who dies of unrequited love for Sir Lancelot in the Arthurian legend.

4. Don't expect to find any dolls inside. Like most fine dollhouses, Astolat Castle does not display dolls inside because they are thought to detract from the interior details. There's just one exception: A Merlin wizard peeking out of one window.

5. It's not fun to move. It takes four days and a dozen people to dismantle and reassemble it.

6. By one measure, it could be the most expensive house in the world. Astolat Castle has an appraised value of more than $2,000 per square inch.

7. The finishes are as upscale as they get. You'll find real parquet flooring, marble, and gilt trim galore inside.

8. It has incredible paintings. There are several exact reproductions of famed paintings inside as well as a painting that was created using a brush with one single bristle in it.

9. You can read the books with a magnifying glass. The dollhouse contains dozens of books with actual type inside.

10. It's ready for cocktail hour. There's real liquor in each bottle in the bar.

11. It can't hold everything. More than 30,000 items are rotated in and out of Astolat Castle on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about this incredible dollhouse castle at astolatdollhousecastle.com

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  • Tim Dever

    There is fine arts miniature museum in Maysville, KY near my home. I have met several artisans and was wondering if any of them have contributed to the furnishings of Astolet Castle?

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