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12-Bulb Clear Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree Lights

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The bulbs are GOR size (3 /16"  long by 3/32" or less in diameter) or smaller to resemble scale-size Christmas tree lights. The bulb wire is green to assure a compatible Christmas tree color match. The bulbs are spaced at 1" intervals. Two 12" green lead wires allow connection to power anywhere within the Christmas tree room. Construction of the string is such that the first bulb can be place atop the tree with the remainder wound in concentric circles toward the bottom. The wired strings are directly interconnected with a continuous, unbroken wire between bulbs to eliminate any possibility of an open connection.

This string has a lighted section of 12" with an overall length of 24". It draws 37 ma when connected to a 12-volt source. 

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