RGT Miniature Mouse House

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This adorable one-room house is the perfect project for anyone looking for an easy project. This kit comes unassembled and unfinished, giving you the opportunity to paint it and/or wallpaper it in any color and style your heart desires. It features: 

  • 3/8" milled plywood side walls
  • Sturdy 3/8" floor, front & sides
  • Precisely engineered and pre-cut parts that are easy to work with

Construction: 3/8" milled plywood and clapboard

Scale: 1 inch scale. This is also known as 1/12 scale, meaning an item that is 12 inches in real life is sized down to one inch in a dollhouse. This is the most common scale used in dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. 

Size: 9 3/8" W x 6 1/2" D x 8 1/4" H. These dimensions include items that protrude, such as porches and roof cresting. 

Not included: Mice, paint, glue, curtains, wallpaper, interior doors, interior moldings, and any landscaping or furnishings.

Instructions: Included in your kit along with expertly drafted illustrations. If you're still feeling stuck, you can receive free phone assistance by calling the vendor's toll-free number at (866) 524-0222!

Shipping: Please note that this kit is shipped in a labeled box, so you may consider having it shipped to a place that won't ruin the surprise for the recipient.

Vendor: Real Good Toys, a Vermont company that has been continuously producing fine wooden dollhouse kits since 1972. The company was founded with a goal to not only produce high-quality dollhouses, but to do so in a way that was responsible and sustainable. Today, Real Good Toys is a fair trade company that uses 100% renewable wood sources.

While many dollhouse kit manufacturers opt for thin plywood, kits from Real Good Toys are made of thick and durable MDF wood. These kits are handcrafted by an experienced craftsman or craftswoman who cuts, shapes, grooves, routs, and bevels each component. This process creates a far more long-lasting and smooth-edged product than conventional die-cutting does.

You're in good company when you buy a dollhouse kit made by Real Good Toys. That's because their dollhouses have been everywhere from under the White House Christmas tree to Hollywood film sets to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum! 

Miniature wood dollhouse.
Interior of a miniature dollhouse.