Constitutional Convention Dollhouse Miniature Armchair

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George Washington used this chair during the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It was designed by John Folwell in 1779. On the last day of the convention, Benjamin Franklin declared the sun enshrined on the chair to be a rising sun, not a setting sun. By this he meant that the sun would continue to shine over the United States. The sun represents the birth or rise of America. The chair is now in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It's part of the Platinum Collection by Town Square Miniatures. It is 1/12 scale, which is the most common scale for dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. It means that if an object is 12 inches in real life, it is sized down to a one inch as a miniature.

About Town Square Miniatures

Town Square Miniatures are finely crafted, historically accurate miniatures that collectors love. They are highly detailed, incredibly realistic, and made to last--plus, many pieces are modeled after historically significant pieces of antique furniture. It's for these reasons that they often become cherished family heirlooms.