Top 10 Reasons Why Real Good Toys Dollhouses Are Tops

If there’s one thing we care about at Little Shop of Miniatures, it’s the quality of our products.

That criterion alone makes Real Good Toys a perfect fit for our store. The Vermont-based business has been making top-notch wood dollhouse kits since husband-wife team Jim and Chris Abrams founded it in 1972. Over the years, they’ve developed a well-deserved reputation for creating heirloom-quality dollhouse kits.

We recently spoke with Jodi Towne, office manager and director of customer service and social media at Real Good Toys. As 29-year-employee, she was able to share some fascinating facts about the business and the dollhouses that have delighted people for more than four decades.  Here’s why people love dollhouses from Real Good Toys so much—and why we think you will, too.

  1. They use the best materials. Real Good Toys uses only two materials to make the structural components of their kits: 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch milled plywood and MDF. Both materials are both durable and strong— perfect for creating dollhouse kits to last generations. “They’re both great,” says Jodi, “and far better than simple plywood or wood cut to only 1/8 inch.”
  1. They use solid construction techniques. Many dollhouse kits are die cut, meaning they are punched out of a single sheet of wood. This often results in rough edges that need to be sanded down or that don’t fit together perfectly. Over at Real Good Toys, a team of American craftsmen and women cuts, shapes, grooves, and bevels each kit component by hand to ensure smooth edges and a perfect fit every time.
  1. They’re committed to sustainability. Real Good Toys buys wood from producers who adhere to sustainable, fair trade standards. All materials come from renewable sources and never from nonrenewable resources like tropical rain forests. And they source local whenever possible—for example, all moldings are handcrafted from local New England White Pine. They’re also strong proponents of reusing and recycling everything they can.
  1. They support American manufacturing jobs. When you buy a dollhouse kit from Real Good Toys, you’re supporting a team of American craftsmen and women. No computerized equipment is used—everything is based off drawings and made with hand saws and other common tools.
  1. They’re easy to assemble. Each dollhouse kit from Real Good Toys is made with the easy assembly in mind. “Our products have grooves to help locate parts, bevels that match up, smooth pine moldings that easily fit together, and jigs to help ensure that perfect fit,” says Jodi.
  1. They offer top-notch customer support. If you’re having trouble assembling your dollhouse kit, you can call Real Good Toys toll free at (866) 524-0222 for assistance. “Everybody here is well-versed in how to assemble each kit,” says Jodi.
  1. They’re the dollhouse maker of choice for presidents and more. You’re in good company when you buy a dollhouse from Real Good Toys. That’s because they’ve been everywhere from under the White House Christmas tree to Hollywood film sets to national museums. (Rumor has it that both Ralph Lauren and Britney Spears are fans!)
  1. They treat their employees right. “The average employee has worked here for more than 18 years,” says Jodi, who describes the work environment as “caring” and “calm.” (Jodi is on the far right with the rest of the Real Good Toys crew in the photo above.)
  1. They offer a wide range of kits. From a simple cottage to an elaborate Queen Anne masterpiece, there’s something for everyone no matter what their skill level, time commitment, and budget are.
  1. They do incredible work. No matter which kit you choose, it’s guaranteed to look great when it’s assembled. Little Shop of Miniatures is proud to carry several dozen of their finest—check them out in our Wood Dollhouse Kit section!

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